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Pharmacy Services You Can Depend On

With our experienced staff, innovative, cloud-based technologies, and a steadfast commitment to a seamless, fast, and accurate customer experience, LifeLine24 strives to deliver our services with the highest levels of customer care.

Customer Care

At LifeLine24, we’re committed to providing the type of personal, caring and flexible customer service you can only find in a neighborhood, independent pharmacy. Everything we do—from setting policies, to hiring employees, to choosing our pharmacy technology—is geared toward offering you a singularly stellar experience that will always exceed your expectations. Our many years in the long-term pharmacy industry allow us to understand the unique situations you face, and help us meet your specialized needs. Below are just some of the ways we’ve built what we do … around you.

  • 24/7 service

  • Individualized Staff—Your facility gets assigned a small, specific, and very responsive team. If there’s ever any need to reach out, you’ll know exactly whom to call.
  • 7 days-a-week delivery
  • Personal Visits—Every few weeks a LifeLine24 representative will visit to talk to you and your staff to ensure we’re serving you to the very best of our abilities.
  • Systems Integration—Our pharmacy technology suite is designed to make us seem invisible. All aspects are integrated for smooth, seamless, easy operation.

Consulting Services

As part of our premier pharmacy services, LifeLine24 partners with Medication Managers, LLC, to offer the consulting services of highly credentialed pharmacists, as well formulary management services to assist you in controlling costs.

These exclusive consulting services can help you by:

  • Providing Regimen Reviews—Pharmacist consultants can provide regulatory, psychotropic, and drug regimen reviews.
  • Decreasing Unnecessary Medications—The strong clinical knowledge of your consulting pharmacist can help predict the outcomes of reducing medications while still remaining compliant with today’s ever-changing regulations.
  • Making Formulary Recommendations—Formulary recommendations can help reduce costs in your Medicare Part A population, as well as provide more efficient care to your long-term care residents.
  • Developing Facility Protocols—Consultants will help you develop protocols to address the proper utilization of high cost medications, the proper duration of therapy, and possible substitutions.
  • Conducting Pre-Admission Reviews—Pre-admission reviews with new residents can help identify the use of high cost medications and possible alternatives prior to admission.