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Why is reducing the number of medications important?
There is truth in the saying “too much of a good thing”. Medications are designed to improve our health. However, the more medications we put in our bodies the more opportunity there are for adverse effects. This is especially true of our elderly population. Our elderly generally take more medications than the younger population. Their absorption and elimination of medications is different as well.
How does LifeLine24 control your cost of medications?
The simple answer is that we offer competitive pricing. However, it’s more than just about pricing. We work hard to reduce the number of medications the resident is taking. We also help the facility develop formularies that utilize the most cost-effective medications.
What does the pharmacist do when an issue arises with a medication?

We communicate with the nursing staff, physicians, and the consultants. The facility then decides which mode of communication is best. This can be either through faxing, calling, or secure communication through our LifeLink web page.

How does the pharmacist ensure that recommendations are the most cost-effective?
We have a clinical team that evaluates the cost and the effectiveness of classes of medications. The team will work with your medical director and staff to ensure the preferred agent is the best medication for the residents. It’s not always the least expensive.
Why should we choose LifeLine24 over another local or national pharmacy?
Our reputation speaks for itself. We specialize in customizing our processes to work best with each individual facility. LifeLine24 is the only true independent long term care pharmacy in southern Ohio. We are not owned by any nursing facilities or buying groups. LifeLine24 can improve your pharmacy experience greatly.
What packaging options does LifeLine24 offer?

LifeLine24 offers a specific and original packaging called the LifePack24. The LifePack24 is a multiple-dose strip packaging that creates a safer, more efficient med-pass. The LifePack24 packaging can reduce your med-pass by 35 to 45 min. We also offer unit dose box, blister packs (bubble pack or punch cards), and vials. We have realized that every facility has its preference when it comes to packaging. With that being said we at LifeLine24 will customize our packaging to meet your needs, not ours.

How can LifeLine24 save our staff time and/or money?
LifeLine24 recognizes that the nurse's time is very valuable. Nurses didn’t go to school to pass meds all day. We implement processes that give the nurse more time to spend with the resident and less time working with the pharmacy and passing medications. Let us show you the many ways we do this. We can save the facility financially in many ways also. The most prevalent is utilizing our 24-hour fill which drastically reduces medication waste. We also help through the use of our automated dispensing machine vs a traditional Ebox. Utilizing formularies ensures the most cost-effective medications are being given to the resident. Elderly patients are often over-medicated and the consultants work very hard to reduce the number of medications the resident is taking. These are just some of the ways LifeLine24 can save staff time and the facility financially.

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