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Dispensing Methods Designed For You

LifeLine24 offers a variety of high-quality medication dispensing methods, including our premier LifePack, allowing you to choose the packaging that is perfect for your particular needs.


LifePack is our premier, innovative strip packaging system that creates a safer, more efficient med-pass. In fact, it’s been shown to reduce med-pass time by up to 45 minutes. Packages can include information such as patient name and location, hour of administration, medication name, strength, and pill description.

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LifeCycle Refill Program

LifeCycle is our convenient refill program in which a LifeLine24 employee comes to your facility and personally restocks your routine oral medications for the coming month without your needing to reorder.

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Standard Unit Dose

With this dispensing method, LifeLine24 provides individual oral solid medications packaged with the medication’s name, lot number, and expiration date. We use “tall-man lettering” when printing medication information to reduce “look-alike, sounds-alike” errors. We also employ barcodes to ensure accuracy.

Blister/Bubble Packaging

The use of bubble packaging ensures the product integrity (including shelf life) of each individual dose. You can create a compliance pack or calendar pack by printing days of the week above each dose.

Returns Are Simple

One of the advantages of LifePack is a drastic reduction in returns because we only send a 24-hour supply to you each day. This saves you a considerable amount of time and money. However, if for any reason you do need to make a return−regardless of which dispensing method you use−lot numbers and expiration dates are always printed on all packaging. This makes it easy to return most forms of medication back to our pharmacies for credit when needed.