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Leading Edge Pharmacy Technology For Better Accuracy, Faster Service, and Improved Safety

LifeLine24 offers pharmacy services with a comprehensive suite of innovative technologies that have been carefully chosen to provide maximum flexibility for you, while allowing us to deliver optimal service that’s faster, more accurate, and more secure than other long-term care pharmacies.


LifeLine24 offers the EMMA First Dose/Emergency Kit as part of our powerful suite of pharmacy technologies. It provides convenient, secure, individual unit dose control of narcotics and other first dose medications in a fully contained and track-able environment using the latest in web and mobile technologies.

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Prior to launching LifeLine24, the owners utilized their experience to research software that would assist them in providing fast and accurate service. FrameworkLTC and FrameworkECM are long-term pharmacy software platforms that form the backbone of our entire pharmacy technology suite. They connect all the various components of our offerings together, allowing us to build a custom solution specifically for your facility, so you have complete control over your pharmacy procedures and have a state-of-the-art system that meets your particular needs.



By using the FrameworkECM electronic content management workflow solution, LifeLine24 is able to refill your orders in the most efficient way possible. It streamlines pharmacy order entry and audit processes and greatly reduces the potential for errors, while increasing speed.

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The centerpiece of LifeLine24’s pharmacy technology is FrameworkLTC. It connects all the various components of our offerings together, allowing us to build a custom solution specifically for your facility.

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Pharmacy Delivery Solutions

Our pharmacy delivery tracking and verification technologies simplify the delivery of medications to your facility, save time, and provide peace of mind for your nursing staff.

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eMAR Interfaces

LifeLine24 offers a simple, intuitive eMAR system that automates the process of medication distribution, tracking and re-ordering. With it, you can reduce med-pass hours and streamline the re-ordering process, giving your nursing staff more time for resident care and safety.

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