FrameworkECM: Fewer Touches. Greater Accuracy. Better Service.

At LifeLine24, our aim is to deliver your medication orders as quickly as possible. FrameworkECM (Electronic Content Management) is a vital part of our integrated suite of pharmacy technologies that allow us to meet that goal. It increases workflow efficiency so we can fill your orders faster and with maximum accuracy.

The Advantages of FrameworkECM

FrameworkECM works with FrameworkLTC to automate and simplify refill orders. With it, we can handle all orders in the same, single process regardless of where or how the orders arrive—whether by fax, spreadsheet, voicemail message, word processing document, picture, or electronic prescription. This saves time and boosts accuracy by minimizing manual touches. It provides greater process integrity, increased efficiency, and fewer errors. FrameworkECM is the kind of robust, innovative pharmacy technology that allows LifeLine24 to provide the highest level of consistency and the kind of responsive service you would expect from a local neighborhood pharmacy.  

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