Powerful Technology Means Better Resident Care

The centerpiece of LifeLine24’s pharmacy technology is FrameworkLTC. It connects all the various components of our offerings together, allowing us to build a custom solution specifically for your facility. FrameworkLTC’s web interface integrates the key information you need and the vital capabilities you want for exceptional resident care. Through it you can maintain patient/resident profiles, print medical records, and place orders directly to LifeLine24.

Benefits of FrameworkLTC

  • Full Medication Auditing—With FrameworkLTC, every medication order you send to LifeLine24 receives a master barcode that is tracked throughout the entire workflow process until completion, ensuring you receive your order in a timely, accurate fashion.
  • Cost Control—FrameworkLTC promotes cost control by allowing you to set “hard stop”restrictions on orders over a set cost without expressed approval.
  • Robust Reporting—A wide variety of reporting options are built into FrameworkLTC. It also allows us to custom create one for you.

FrameworkLTC and LifeLink

FrameworkLTC incorporates LifeLink, a private communication system that connects you with LifeLine24, allowing us to securely share patient information. Facility Link integration into FrameworkLTC gives you the following advantages:

  • Preadmission Auditing—You can use LifeLink to estimate the medication costs you’ll incur for new residents before you quote them costs.
  • Simple Re-ordering—LIfeLink/FrameworkLTC integration allows for easy re-ordering. The system will flag you if the re-order is too soon or if it has already been placed that day.
  • Tracking—You can track your orders and see what is being delivered in your tote for the day, as well as review the contents of the tote on previous days.
  • Medical Records—You can print medical records right at your facility.
  • Returns—Reconciliation of returns is simple. You can generate a report that shows what was returned, what has been credited, and, if a return is unable to be credited, the reason why.

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