EMMA E-Kit: Remote Medication Management System

The EMMA E-Kit makes it easy to provide superior unit dose control for narcotics and other first dose medication, while saving time and money. It’s the only FDA-cleared Remote Medication Management System available today. Our online portal allows your nurses to view inventory and enter a medical disbursement request for the E-Kit from any PC, tablet, or mobile device. LifeLine24 pharmacy receives the request and employs secure, cloud-based software to remotely dispense the medication from the EMMA dispensing unit at your facility.

Use of the EMMA E-Kit can solve one of your key pain points—it reduces the drain on resources and significant workload of meeting the regulatory requirements of dispensing narcotics. No more E-Kit documentation is needed. DEA audit compliance becomes simple. Time saved. Money saved.

EMMA E-Kit at a Glance

  • Dispensing of medications on a per-dose basis
  • Remotely controlled by LifeLine24
  • Complete chain of custody tracking
  • EMMA dispensing unit is tamper and movement proof

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