eMAR - Innovative Pharmacy Technology for Better Resident Care

We know that your highest priority is focusing on exceptional resident care. Our server-based eMAR (Electronic Medical Administration Records) interface helps your staff do just that. The system automates the entire process of distributing, tracking, and re-ordering medications, dramatically reducing the time spent on medication distribution and the chance of errors. It ensures that residents receive the correct medications and dosages in a timely manner and gives the nursing staff even more time to provide better, more personal care. If you already have an eMar system in place, no worries, we interface with the most popular.

Benefits of the LifeLine24 eMAR Interface

  • Creates cost savings by reducing staff labor hours associated with the med-pass and month-end chart checking procedures
  • All medication and treatment information is stored in a central database, allowing administrators simple access to reports
  • Automates record keeping--eliminating paper-based record keeping and manual data entry--for greater accuracy
  • Enhances security of medication inventories and staff identification procedures
  • Bar code technology verifies current quantities and dosages of every medication
  • Resident photo is linked to each med-pass, ensuring accuracy and safety
  • System notifies nurses when it’s time to re-order medications; can automatically place refill orders when necessary for efficient pharmacy delivery

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