Pharmacy Delivery Technology That Means Fast, Accurate Delivery

Our paperless, electronic solutions make tracking and verifying medication delivery to your facility fast and easy, and it all starts even before your order leaves LifeLine24. Here’s how our system works:

Barcode Verification

Medication orders are packaged and placed into special barcoded totes. Drivers scan the totes that are on their routes, the system notifying them when they have an incorrect tote and when they have scanned all the appropriate totes. Once confirmed, the totes are locked and packed into the trucks for delivery. 


Wondering where your medication delivery is? With DeliveryTrack--our pharmacy delivery accountability system--we can tell you its exact location in real-time. Of course, our goal is to always get your delivery to you as quickly as possible. Typically, you can have STAT deliveries at your facility within two hours of placing an order.


Once our driver has reached your facility, a GPS device verifies arrival at the correct location. Packages are scanned again onsite and signed for. All this information is sent through our system, resulting in the automatic creation of a manifest. If you need to know who signed for a medication tote and when, that information can be accessed in seconds.

Plus, because each tote has experienced multiple cross-checks, your nursing staff can sign for the tote with confidence, saving them the time of needing to examine every one for accuracy. Only “controlled” medications that require immediate and individual confirmation and signature by an RN will continue to need manual inspection.

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