The LifePack Advantage

LifePack is our premier medication dispensing method—an innovative strip packaging system that can offer greater safety, more efficiency, improved state survey results, and better levels of care.

Each LifePack is assembled by the Parata PASS automation system which packages medications by patient dosing time in a clear packet, so all pills are visible. Packets can include information such as patient name and location, hour of administration, medication name, strength, and pill description. Non-oral meds, such as an inhaler, can also be noted on the packet to remind the nurse to administer, and, if necessary, pills can be crushed right in the packet and added to a food source.

The Benefits of LifePack

  • Reduced Med-Pass Times - Using the LifePack system has been shown to reduce med-pass times by 30-45 minutes.
  • Increased Safety - LifePack eliminates the need for nurses to go through individual blister packs, minimizing the risk of medication errors. Also, our LifeCheck plus includes a feature that visually scans all packets in the strips before they are even sent to you.
  • Increased Efficiency - With LifePack, your nurses won’t have to punch cards at a patient’s bedside. They simply check the MAR and tear open the package.
  • Increased Accuracy - Each packet features a barcode that ensures accuracy with the use of an eMAR.
  • Increase Morale - By increasing efficiencies and reducing med-pass times, LifePack allows your nursing staff to do more of what they care about most--providing the highest levels of personal attention to manage your residents’ healthcare needs.

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LifePack Supply Options

LifeLine24 offers a range of LifePack supply options so you can reduce medication waste and save money. Take a look to see which one is perfect for your needs.

For Skilled Nursing Facilities: 

Designed specifically for skilled nursing facilities, our LifePack24 provides a 24-hour supply of medications delivered directly to the nursing station on a daily basis.

For Home Health Care, Assisted Living, and Developmentally Disabled Facilities:

  • LIfePack7: 7-day supply
  • LifePack14: 14-day supply
  • LifePack28: 28-day supply
  • LifePack3-4: 3-day or 4-day supply per week

LifeCheck Plus: Our Triple Check System

Our Process:

  1. Medication is first inspected by automation, flagging any possible incorrect pouches using barcode technology.
  2. Each pouch is then inspected by a technician for accuracy, and corrections are made if necessary.
  3. Any corrected packs are reimaged.
  4. Our pharmacist does a third and final inspection.
  5. The order is then placed into the delivery tote with the manifest for delivery.
  6. Each image is stored by LifeLine24 should the facility ever need verification.

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