LifeCycle Refill: Convenience Comes to You

While other long-term pharmacies are reducing services, LifeLine24 is doing everything we can to make your facility’s operations and the duties and of your nursing staff simpler and more efficient. That’s why we created LifeCycle, our convenient refill program in which a LifeLine24 employee comes to your facility and personally refills commonly used medications for the coming month without your needing to reorder.

The Advantages of LifeCycle Refill

  • Nurses spend less time doing routine work and ordering
  • LifeLine24 audits your cabinet to ensure all medications are current and accurate to the MAR
  • Prevents the build-up of excess medications in your cabinet
  • Fewer meds are needed to be checked in during delivery
  • Less time is spent returning unused meds
  • QA measurements taken to alert staff if a med dosage is incorrect or if diversion is taking place
  • LifeCycle provides an even billing cycle
  • Fewer notifications are sent to staff regarding meds being ordered too soon

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